Tuesday, January 4, 2011

D#@mn I hate sports!

No, not really, but I often wonder why I suffer as a sports fan.

As I write this I'm watching my childhood university (and home state) University of Arkansas lose to Ohio State in the Sugar Bowl. Sure, I'm a Memphis grad, former Tiger athlete and current season ticket holder. But I grew up a Razorback, something that never leaves you.

And I must admit it's a little embarrassing that in the history of The Ohio State University, they've never won a bowl game against the SEC. Sure, it's still early in the second half and the Hogs are doing some nice things, but if the Buckeyes pull this out for their first bowl win against the SEC, yes, it's embarrassing.

It's been an interesting few months for me as a sports fan. The Tigers football team stinks, but at least it was the first time in 15 seasons that I did not attend the majority of their games. My beloved Dallas Cowboys are pathetic, my fantasy football teams stink, the Tigers basketball team is still trying to find its way, the Memphis Grizzlies ... well ... not a whole lot I can say there. They did beat the Thunder tonight after blowing out the Lakers in L.A. on Sunday.

That leaves my Texas Rangers, who miraculously made the World Series and gave me the greatest October as a sports fan I could ever dream to have. But then they only won one game in the World Series.

So why do I, and every other sports fan for that matter, put up with this? Well, I have no clue. But this time tomorrow night I will be in front of my TV, putting myself through more of this misery, as I watch the Tigers take on the UT Vols on the hardcourt.

And yes, the pessimist in me feels that they're headed for a loss. But I'll still come back for more.

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