Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Kings of Leon -- Am I becoming a fan again?

So as I sit here going through our houshold budget B.S. I've stumbled upon a little documentary about Kings of Leon on Palladia. Instead of continuing my Netflix obsession with "Lost" I decided to check it out for a few minutes. And I'm hooked.

I will say a couple of years ago I was really into their music. Now, not so much. Sure, they're talented and have some really good songs. But there's just something about the evolution of their music that I just haven't found myself being into.

Anyway, I really liked these guys a few albums ago. Now on their fifth album, I find myself being the least interested. The cleaner their sound the less I like them. God, am I becoming a Hipster?

Uh, no, but my tastes in music continue to evolve and thankfully that means I'm enjoying more and more the raw sounds of today's independent music scene.

But as I continue watching this documentary I'm digging these guys. They seem real. And as more of their songs are played I'm realizing that at one point I enjoyed them. And not to mention the fact these guys really dig wine. I mean, every scene shows them either holding a glass of wine or a bottle of beer. I'm OK with that.

Am I going to listen to their music tomorrow while I sit at work instead of The Strokes' new album? Well, I wouldn't go that far. But they might be worth revisiting again. And who knows, maybe I will go see them when they play FedExForum in a few weeks after all.

And holy crap, as I finish this a Black Keys video is coming on. Now that's a band I continue to be into. Music videos? Did I wake up in 1985?

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