Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Magic Kids, a new Memphis sound (for me)

Not sure if you've heard by now but Memphis band The Magic Kids will kick off their new CD "Memphis," released today, with a concert at the Levitt Shell. The show, which costs $5, will feature the Memphis Youth Symphony and also serve as a fundraiser for that group.

I plan to go to the concert, but not really because I care for their music. To be honest, I can't decide if I like their sound. I've heard them compared to Vampire Weekend but I only loosely see that. For the most part I enjoy Vampire Weekend. The Magic Kids? Well, the jury's still out.

A co-worker yesterday said he could see them being heard on Nickelodeon. I can see that, but I can also see them playing one of those cool Brooklyn joints known for its superb music. Their poppy Beach Boys style is not my thing really. Maybe part of me is hopeful for The Magic Kids because they're a Memphis product, and I always am pro Memphis products.

I have the new album and have listened to it quite a bit (one of the perks of being a member of the media is I received a copy a week before the album was released).

And by the way, this is not my first CD review. And when I post after attending the concert it won't be my first of many concert reviews. Who am I to tell you if what's on the album is worth listening to?

This is one of my first Man Versus Art challenges, though. I am trying to learn to appreciate the sound of this CD even though it's not my favorite style of music. I haven't decided if it's something I normally would buy (probably yes, but not positive).

I will say this review in the Washington Post (and don't come here expecting to get this kind of written magic because it's probably not happening) is teaching me a few ways to go about listening to this CD today.

Read both stories linked here then go to tonight's show at the Levitt Shell, plop down $5 to support the Memphis Youth Symphony and give a proper sendoff to this Memphis band as they embark on their new tour and journey.

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