Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wearable art in Downtown Memphis

A couple of Fridays ago I attended the monthly South Main Art Trolley Tour. As usual it was a great event with large crowds and a lot of fun.

Just before heading home for the evening, I made a quick stop in at Sache Design, a new retailer at 525 S. Main St. Sache has some really cool designs created by owner Eric Evans and screenprinted onto the shirts in the back of the store. All the shirts are on display almost like it's an art gallery. (Also check out this story at The Daily News and a recent blog posting at I Love Memphis.)
I bought a couple of his shirts, including the one pictured here. The crazy thing about this purchase is that as I write this I'm wearing a Texas Rangers T-shirt.
Not all my shirts are sports-related, but my stylish T-shirts are more of the bought at Target variety. Yes, I can admit that. I have a few stylish T-shirts, but they definitely are not ones that would be considered works of art. But I just couldn't resist when I tried on a couple of shirts at Sache.
The shirts aren't exactly Target cheap (in the $30 to $40 range each) but the quality is much higher. These are products you can be proud to wear knowing it's someone's art that is produced in Memphis.

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