Sunday, October 24, 2010

MSO Pops and RiverArtsFest make for typical fall weekend

It's been a busy weekend for me in the man and the arts areas.

The little boy in me had the time of my life Friday night watching my Texas Rangers advance to the World Series for the first time in franchise history. It was one of the greatest sports moments in my life.

So to say I started my weekend off on a good note would be an understatement. But that was Friday and I had a couple of arts things to do during the remainder of the weekend.

Saturday night was my first time to see the Memphis Symphony Orchestra -- or any orchestra, really -- in person. We have Pops season tickets and Saturday was the first show. It was a 1970s theme evening and featured three female soloists and an a Capella men's group. So it wasn't just the symphony playing, although I found that my favorite moments of the night came when there was no singing.

We're pretty sure the little girl sitting next to us, who seemed to be enjoying herself, had no clue any of the songs. I've gotta be honest: the show was a lot of fun. Would I be saying the same thing if the performance was a traditional masterwork? I have no idea, but I think a Pops show makes a great intro. to symphony music.

Sunday saw us head downtown for the RiverArtsFest. We weren't able to stay long because the rain hit in a pretty big way about an hour after we arrived. But that's probably a good thing since my wife made a few purchases. I can't really complain about the pieces; they are paintings of musical instruments done by a Texas artist. The paintings will be hanging in my 4-year-old son's bedroom soon.

A note on the art-buying experience: Like my wife said, it's always great to buy art from an artist you've actually talked to. The Austin, Texas-based artist and his wife were they ones who sold us the pieces and I know my wife had a long conversation with them while I chased our son around in the rain.

What will the next week or two bring? I have a feeling it will be much more man than it will be art since the World Series starts Friday. But this was a great October weekend and just one more example of how fun Memphis can be in the fall.

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