Thursday, October 7, 2010

Where have I been?

I feel really bad for not blogging the past two weeks. The reason? It's simple, Man won out over Arts.

I've spent the past two weekends on man-related endeavors. Two weekends ago I went with some friends to Cincinnati for a guys weekend. Ate good food, sampled excellent beverages and watched plenty of football. No art allowed that weekend.

Then, this past weekend our family went to Dallas so I could take my 3-year-old son to his first Major League Baseball games at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington while my wife spent too much time and money at IKEA, her "shopping amusement park." (see Design Insider).

I have to be honest, my mind was not on arts. It was on seeing a couple of Rangers baseball games. As I write this, I'm watching my favorite baseball team, the Texas Rangers, win their second playoff game.

I probably should have written a review of "Who Shot Rock n Roll," the fabulous exhibit at the Memphis Brooks Museum of Art that I was fortunate to experience the night I hit the road for that guys trip to Cincinnati.

I will say that exhibit was amazing. As a music fan I was very much into the fabulous photos on exhibit. That exhibit was just one more example of why the Memphis Brooks is a great arts asset for the city of Memphis.

I could also preview some things I'm considering for this weekend. Of course my mind will be on sports since the Rangers can clinch a series win on Saturday. But Friday night there are a few great options: ArtsMemphis will have its Shell out for the Arts event at the Levitt Shell, the Downtown Alley Jams outside of One Commerce Square will welcome the employees of Pinnacle Airlines and the Broad Avenue Arts Walk will take place.

Right now I think I'm leaning toward the Broad Avenue event. I'll let you know next week how it goes.

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